1 BR in 2 BR Apt in Crown Heights
Hello! Thanks for checking out this listing. My current roommate is moving in with her partner and I'm looking to backfill her room because I love the neighborhood. I'm on Prospect & Franklin, which is surrounded by great restaurants, coffee & bagel shops, a few supermarkets, and great bars. The building is a short walk to the 2345 Franklin stop and in the opposite direction is the AC Nostrand stop. The apartment itself is 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom. There's a huge closet in the hallway and a storage room where you can put miscellaneous stuff. The kitchen is a generous size and has an automatic dishwasher. The building has a washer & dryer in the basement but we're also 1 block away in each direction from two laundry mats. Each bedroom has an A/C & heater unit that works well & the building management is pretty decent. About me: Guy in his late 20's who works a 9-5 in the Financial District. My typical weekday consists of work, the gym, and coming home to cook dinner. On the weekends I'm pretty active, and if I do have anyone over it's never more than 1 person at a time - the apartment is a great home but isn't adequately sized for group hang-outs. Rarely drink & not a smoker - Don't care if you do but I'd prefer a smoke-free apartment. The bedroom in the photos is mine, and you'll have the opposite room which is the same size & set up. I currently have a queen size bed, a small desk, and a small nightstand in the room and it feels comfortable so it's pretty good size room. Your room will come unfurnished, but the rest of the apartment will be set up. What I'm looking for: I mean, obviously someone employed and responsible, right? During the week I tend to wind down by 10 PM, so I'd appreciate living with someone mindful of that. Also, I'm a really clean person - like, really clean. I know everyone says that on these things, but for real this time. I'm not gonna spazz over a dirty spoon, but I'd love to live with someone who is equally bothered by pools of water by the sink or toothpaste splattered on the bathroom mirror. I've also put quite a bit of love into the place (and am continuing to do so), so just a general level of respect would be appreciated. Sadly, no pets & no couples. Rent is $1350 a month plus utilities starting Aug. 1st. Don't need any security or broker fee or any of that annoying stuff. If all of this sounds good to you then please contact me! Let me know more about you & what you're looking for and we can discuss you coming by to see the place. Best of luck in your search!
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