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****PLEASE READ POST IN DETAIL**** Hear Ye, Hear Ye... It is with great optimism that I announce a wonderful opportunity to share my apartment with another awesome human being. After 4 years of apartment sharing bliss, my previous roommates have departed away from the charming familiarity of one of the best neighborhoods in DC, Petworth!! Are you a graduate student? Entry Level Professional? Have few belongings? Not home much? This may be a good match for you! This apartment is on the 5th floor of a building with cool architecture and an awesome view. This neighborhood boasts 2 grocery stores, 4 bars (1 right next door), 5+ restaurants, 2 gas stations, a hardware store and a metro station all within 3 blocks! Doesn't get much more convenient than that! Your new living space will be a furnished semi-private **LIVING ROOM** with a comfy pullout **COUCH** with brand new mattress, privacy divider, desk, large TV with netflix, hulu, etc, and awesome view (Yes, that is your unfiltered view above). When I am not working long hours, I mostly stay in my room so you'll have the majority of the apartment to roam freely. About me: 30 something Gov't Employee (they already ran my background check, i'm clean), Grad student, Creative spirit, Dancing Queen, Vinyl lover, Avid Reader, semi-disabled, sometimes a socialite, all times Sagittarius. ENFP... This is starting to sound like a personal ad *saves for later*. Anyway, Inquire withIN(box) About you: Easy going student or professional woman, keeps common areas clean, respectful, able to communicate concerns maturely, willing to sleep on a sofa/sofa bed, able to pay rent, able to pay for background check and 1 month deposit. Likes to cook? *crosses fingers on that last one* *VERY small dogs ONLY*

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