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"Cafe Cantante Mi Habana" Apartment

Whole unit
Private bath
Mixed household


Apartment very central, bright and beautiful views. Ideal for a couple with children or for friends who want to comfortably share a downtown apartment to be close to everything, go it alone and pay far less than a hotel. The apartment has a spacious dining room with views, ideal for breakfast or the first drink, before leaving for Havana zapatear. It also has 2 large well ventilated and lighted bedrooms. A bedroom decorated old (with bed and antique wooden closet) and a more modern (with bed and wardrobe modern). Both bedrooms have double beds and attached en suite with a new bathroom and fully equipped which is common to both bedrooms but with maximum privacy. It also has a living room that connects to the balcony from where you can see the sea, "rasping" (the monument of the Plaza of the Revolution), the National Library and the Baseball Stadium "Latinoamericano". The apartment is located just 15 minutes walk from the Coppelia ice cream parlor in the center of Vedado. On the way you will meet before the University of Havana, founded in 1728. In the opposite direction and only 15 minutes walk from the apartment, it is located the "Café Cantante Mi Habana" and the National Theater of Cuba, where you can enjoy a While Havana nights. If you continue with the ride and walk in the same direction about 5 minutes you will find the Plaza de la Revolution and penalties across the Necropolis of Columbus (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). The apartment is ideal for very centrally positioned way warren but stand the noise and movement of the main avenues. It is very strategic for its proximity to many sites of historical and cultural interest, which can be reached in a short time enjoying a nice walk around the neighborhood. The neighborhood where it is located is familiar and very quiet. There are several "palates" (restaurants and cafes private Cubans) for different tastes and purchasing powers. We recommend one of the palates of the neighborhood, just 100 meters from the apartment Rte: "Starbien", in our view the best warren. Find it on Tripadvisor. This apartment is for rent in the form of whole apartment; Breakfast not separately, so that even for a single guest must rent the whole apartment.


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