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The house Juanka and Yudy is located in the same village of vineyards, this offers a nice view of the mogotes, has a spacious heated room for 4 people and it has facilities such as hanger, fan, Split , Mini Bar, Hair Dryer, Safe, 2 large double beds, private bathroom with hot and cold water, gastronomic services are also offered such as: (breakfast, snacks, dinner, cocktails, as well as a delicious Cuban cocktail) other services such as, laundry, massage, salsa classes, Internet (wifi), taxi, bicycle, horses, guided tours etc. The accommodation is very hygienic and comfortable. The house is very close to all the places of interest and tourist attractions such as restaurants, bars, palates, coffee shops, Internet areas (wifi). Our house is located in a quiet area just five or ten minutes walk from the center of the town of Viñales, with a beautiful view of the mogotes, enjoying a lovely sunset accompanied by different drinks, as the client prefers, while enjoying the environment. It is an ideal destination to enjoy nature, hiking, bird watching, caving or to rest in direct contact with nature. THE NEIGHBORHOOD We live in a quiet and very pleasant neighborhood. It is distinguished by its beauty and because it possesses good tranquility, we offer various excursions. Places of obligatory visit will be the Mural of the Prehistory, the Mirador of the Los Jazmines hotel from where the best view of the Valley is reached, the curing houses and the plantations of Tabaco, the factory where the Rum Guayabita del Pinar is produced typical drinks of the area, the boat ride through the Cueva del Indio and the town of Viñales, a picturesque village with authentic guajiros and a high cultural tradition. Its flora and fauna exhibit a high level of endemism, with examples such as La Palma Corcho and Tomeguín del Pinar. Always trying to make the client feel a real human warmth and take a pleasant impression of our family In the neighborhood reigns bonanza and good living. A pleasant time can be spent anywhere, but comfort, servitude, hospitality and a mouth-to-mouth palate, not everywhere, and it's not that our house is host in this aspect but it promises that you feel like in your own home, this time, far from what can break their deserved vacation. HOW TO MOVE It is easily accessible by bus, taxi, bicycle, or simply by walking. BRIEF DETAILS OF SOME EXCURSIONS PROVIDED BY THE HOUSE  The house Juanka & Yudy, gives you a detail of the activities it offers, such as horseback riding, hiking and biking, MOUNTING A HORSE IN THE Vinales Valley   Through this page you can book a guided horse trek through the Viñales Valley. If you have planned to visit this place, we recommend you take this tour. We assure you that you will not regret it. This route will be carried out with an official guide who is licensed to carry out this activity. On the way you can see the best views of Cuban tobacco plantations. Sowed and harvested strictly in order to produce cigars considered, as is known, among the best in the world. You also have the "opportunity to admire the smallest mountains in all of Cuba called," mogotes ", variety that can only be found in this area of ​​Pinar del Río, surrounded by exuberant vegetation. This horseback riding tour is available as these beautiful views are not accessible by road, making this tour a unique experience. The tour lasts 4 basic hours, but it can be extended to suit your taste in the place. You will have the opportunity to visit a cave called Las Golondrina and its underground lake where you can swim in its fresh waters. There is also a stop to share with local farmers where you can drink the best natural juice in this area. DETAILS 1.Excursion "Horse Riding through the Palmarito Valley" The excursion is preferably carried out in the morning. The whole route is riding through the natural charms of the Palmarito Valley. Palmarito Valley, is a valley of great beauty in its generality, ideal for people who come to Viñales with the aim of enjoying a wonderful vegetation, as well as to be impressed by the amazing formations of mogotes with their different endemic birds that they surround them. Many of the people decide to start the tour in the Valley of Palmarito and go directly to the Valley of Silence to enjoy a wonderful sunset, although it may seem far, it is not, because the only thing that stops the two valleys is the road central. This is the most popular horseback excursion in Viñales and the shortest, and will be surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and you will pass through the famous Viñales Valley. We will visit a coffee farm where you will learn everything about coffee making. On the same tour you will see factories and tobacco fields, where you will learn the secrets of tobacco and you will even have the opportunity to taste a handmade Cuban cigar. It is the star excursion of Viñales. There are about 15 km of round trip, in which we can admire the beautiful surroundings of the tobacco fields, corn and typical Cuban beans, as well as the tobacco treatment houses and the friendly "guajiros" plowing with the oxen. All this surrounded by the impressive mogotes. The road ends in a visitable cave, totally dark where we will walk about 200 meters contemplating all kinds of stalactites and stalagmites that fill the road. At the end of the road, we will find a natural pool where the water is always at the same temperature and where it is possible to bathe More details The excursion can be done at any time of the day, but it is recommended in the morning. The alternatives to do this excursion, completely depends on whether you prefer to walk or ride. Degree of difficulty: Medium. Walking distance riding: 15 km approximately. Approximate duration of the excursion (total): 3 - 4 hours approximately considering the stops. Start time of the excursion: Between 08:30 hrs until 09:00 hrs depending on the season of the year. The price includes: Visit to the sites described in the program and specialized guide service. 2.Horse Riding in Viñales " Welcome to the Valley of Viñales, National Monument since 1979, the first cultural landscape recognized by UNESCO throughout the American region, declared a World Heritage Site in 1999 and a National Park in 2001. The field in Viñales is beautiful. If you do not walk inside, it's like not having felt to be in Viñales. How could you explore it or discover the beautiful things inside it? The best and most popular way is a horseback excursion. Their land can be very wet and muddy at times, and it becomes difficult to walk. On top of the horse you will feel like a cowboy between the meadow and the animals and its red earth. You can appreciate the tobacco plantations and mogotes of Viñales. One of the best ways to discover the amazing Viñaleros landscapes is through a horse ride. If you fear the horses you can continue the walking tour. The excursion is made by paradisiacal sites of Viñales where you will enjoy the mogotes, natural pools outside and inside the cave, observe the cultivation of tobacco as well as the typical Cuban cuisine. 2- The Mural of Prehistory The first place of the excursion is the Mural of Prehistory. It is a mural, painted on the side of a mogote by peasants who lived in the area, directed by the painter Leovigildo González, an artist influenced by the Mexican muralist Diego Rivera. With 80 meters high and 120 wide, the mural painting is divided into three plots to represent the evolution of life on earth. In the first one there are the ammonites, next to the dinosaurs and it ends with the figure of the man, always in a group of three to represent this evolution. In this mural work of Viñales brushes were not used but small brushes and the vegetal layer of the mogote was not affected. 3- Viñales National Park. Natural pool On arrival at this site you will find a natural pool of springs, right in the center of Viñales National Park. In it you can bathe and feel the contrast of cold and hot water. Also, you can enjoy excellent panoramic views of the Viñales National Park (landscapes with mogotes, fertile plains, fields, grazing horses and other animals, traditional houses) while staying in a small rural bar, characteristic of Cuba, where water is offered of coconut (crazy coconut), drinks and natural juices. 4- Tobacco estate On the tobacco farm, visitors will observe the tobacco plantations and will take a walk through the house where the tobacco is dried (home to cure tobacco). A vineyard guide or farmer will explain the procedure used to dry the leaves of the tobacco plant. On the other hand, they can visit the house of a guajiro viñalero, sit down and smoke a cigar (The copy that the client smokes is given to him). You can also buy the tobacco bundles, rolled in the palm of the Royal Palm (National Symbol of Cuba) as a natural means of conservation. Likewise, a farmer, a small coffee grower, explains to the visitors the process of coffee cultivation and production: they are presented with the fields of the plant and the method of harvesting, drying, sorting and roasting the grain is explained to them. 5- Cave of the pools This is one of the excursions most desired by tourists: The cave of the pools. In this place the temperature is cool, the visitors, always in the company of a guide that illuminates the path inside the cave, will contemplate the fascinating stalagmites and stalactites as well as other geological formations that abound in the cave and that are very frequent in Viñales. The walk through the cave, will take you, 250 meters inside, to meet the natural pools where you can bathe and feel the cold water, typical of the caverns. 6- Panoramic viewpoint The viewpoint with panoramic view is typical construction: wood and guano, where visitors can stop the ride on horseback and sit and contemplate and photograph beautiful countryside of Viñales, known as the heart of the valley. In the viewpoint, elaborated foods are offered in typical Cuban cuisine, cooked with charcoal and firewood. 7- Return. Vegas After returning from the horseback ride you can see the paradisiacal landscapes of vegas and mogotes vineyards as well as the houses of the peasants. The walk through paths and trails of the mountains will make the excursion one of the best ways to discover Viñales.  TIPS: • Recommended: light clothing, pants, swimsuit, sunglasses, water, light meals with sweets and proteins, caps or hats, hard tennis or hiking boots and sandals for bathing in the river, in addition to layers or other protectors for the seasons of rain, sun protection and camera. It is recommended to bring a bottle of water.                                                        TREKKING (Hiking: The healthy climate of the island, the non existence of dangerous or poisonous animals, make the Cuban terrain a favorable space to spend free time walking among the fabulous tropical vegetation.In recent years, hiking has become important among tourists who prefer to be close to nature. The valley of Viñales has a unique image in Cuban geography. Its mogotes, caves and caverns, characterize the environment creating a delightful country atmosphere adorned with tobacco plains. The main sites for hiking are located in the Viñales Valley area. It is advisable that you always accompany a guide. Its main attractions are the diversity in the irregularities of the karstic relief through which the path runs. In the karstic hills, abundant vegetation of forest characteristic of this substrate develops, besides being able to observe at all times the original forms with which the mogotes gratify us.)
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