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Chácara Campo Limpo


Minimum Stay None
Per Month $ 2775








Chacara Lodge With Ponies | Heated Pool | Games Room | WiFi | Cable TV

Whole unit
Private bath
Mixed household


Rent Saturday and Sunday and win Friday. An extra day to enjoy and the best, for free! Villa With Heated Pool And Natural Treatment That Leaves Pure Water And Crystalline. Chácara Campo Limpo does not authorize its rental by third parties. Check the image that proves ownership of the property and make any payment only to the owner's account. Our pool is heated with electric and solar heating, so we guarantee that it stays from 30 to 40 degrees. Using an unheated pool is the same as taking a shower with the shower in the cold! What does that mean? You do not have to be afraid to enter the water, since the unheated is cold, even with the sun. In addition, heated water is comfortable and does not detract from health. If I rent a ranch that has no heated pool I will not take advantage of the lodging? Not most of the year. The unheated pool does not exceed 20 degrees. There are also those that only have solar heating or heat exchanger, hence it gets a little good, but if you have sun, because days without sun you will have thrown money away and missed a weekend that was meant to be special. Does heating bring risks to my health? Not absolutely. Our heating is solar and electric that follows the standards of Inmetro. In addition we have the Ozone treatment that leaves the pool chemically free. And on days without sun? Rest assured that the electric heating part will come in. See where your bather profile fits: Did you know that there is an ideal temperature indicated for the pool according to the profile of the bather? There are those who say that low temperatures are an adrenaline rush, while others claim that pools with high temperatures do well for body resistance. As temperatures are specific to each type of practice and person, ANAPP listed the ideal temperatures for each profile: Below 15 ° C Very common in the practice of physical activities in open water, in cold countries, this temperature can be dangerous and, therefore, it needs medical supervision. In this mode, it is mandatory to wear Longjohn clothing, both rubber and neoprene, covering upper and lower limbs. Even with all the precautions, there are high chances of hypothermia. 16 ° C to 24 ° C Even if the temperature is slightly above the previous one, it is important that some precautions of the above topic are taken, like the use of specific clothes of rubber or neoprene. This temperature is found in tests for high-strength athletes. 25 ° C to 28 ° C This temperature is recommended in the use of Olympic and semi-Olympic swimming pools, allowing advanced training of water sports because the body gives off a high amount of heat and that temperature low compared to usual causes the athlete to maintain body temperature. 29 ° C to 30 ° C Used in 95% of the academies, this temperature is essentially used for all amateurs of water sports from the age of two. The requirement is not as high as that of athletes. 31 ° to 32 ° Known fondly as "student soup," water with higher temperatures is reserved for infants up to two years of age and for hydrotherapies. At this temperature, there is less chance of bodily conflict and the warmth of the water helps lessen the pain in the case of patients. Physiotherapies performed in aquatic environments help improve outcome and delayed mobility, helping to improve movement. * Above 33 ° This temperature is present in thermal parks and here in Chácara Campo Limpo. In addition to improving circulation, it moisturizes, rejuvenates and relieves pain in the body. With an anti-stress effect, having a thermal pool or taking a walk in some park that offers this type of leisure is a great request. * Guaranteed by Chácara Campo Limpo, provided that it makes proper use. Why is the Ozone Pool Important? Applied in the disinfection of water, ozone plays the role of microbiological and oxidizing agent, that is, it is the only one that fights all the dirt in the pool water like suntan lotions, oils, moisturizers, makeup, sunscreens, body fluids, hair, sweat, urine, feces, secretions, viruses, bacteria, protozoa, algae and fungi. In addition, it also eliminates chloramines (a substance produced from the reaction of chlorine with the impurities present in the water), which are the true villains of swimming pools, because they aggravate allergic and respiratory problems, cause burning in the eyes, dry skin and hair, peeling of the nail polish, as well as leaving an unpleasant smell in the water and body Spend a weekend in a real estate farmhouse with ozone-treated heated pool that leaves the water pure and crystal clear, eliminating chemical treatment that is harmful to health. Connect with WiFi internet and settle into a fully furnished home with full kitchen, poolside grill, bedrooms with beds, living room with cable TV and game room with pool table, billiards and foosball. The Farm offers: 1 Pool of 45 thousand lts heated with electric heating and solar treated with ozone. It also has waterfall and whirlpool. 1 Barbecue. 2 Sofas. 2 Refrigerators. 1 Microwave oven. 2 Bathrooms with multi temperature electronic shower. 2 bedrooms that sleep 18 people. 1 Toilet on the bedroom floor. 1 External room with 2 sofas and cable TV. 1 Kitchen with 1 cooker, 2 refrigerators and 1 microwave oven. 1 LCD TV with all channels available. 1 Sound system 1 Games room with pool, billiards and foosball. WiFi with internet of 8 MB. Chickens of various species. Ponies. Staff dedicated to providing the best experience.

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