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Ecological garden retreat with astonishing views of sunset over the ocean. Center west, with relative good access to facilities and amenities (NOTE : Minimum stay of three days, and 13 € cleaning fee on less than week bookings) Hello, my name is miki I live in a nearby wooden cabin, in the same piece of land but separate on another terrace, I'll be there if needed and not there the rest of the time. You may see me work around in the garden Usually i work at home painting and taking care of the plants, managing the place, putting special attention in the garden, of which im very proud for its evolution. I like to think of the place as a sort of temple in the middle of nature, of which im the caretaker, and i love to share it as a means to continue this task. The goal is to live in a sustainable way, and create an atmosphere of harmony and peace, that the trees and plants surrounding you give. Most of the plants are local species and the garden is busy during daytime with the sound of many birds and bees hoovering over. The house kitchen will be supplied with coffee, tea, sugar, salt, oil, vinegar, spices, plus theres a lot of herbs and tea plants growing outside The kitchen is complete with good knives, utensils, pots and pans. We ask for special attention with teflon pans, use only wood utensils when cooking with them please! We dont have a microwave oven Be careful with cats and food, put everything in safe place before you leave the kitchen, they play an important role to keep away pest AMENITIES Tijarafe is on the central west coast of la palma and offers the most amazing views and breathtaking sunsets The weather on this side is very mild and but for a couple of sort periods the better part of the year is like a continuous spring with occasional showers This side of the island has a wide variety of landscapes and natural reserve parks of amazing beauty. Fuencaliente, south, with volcano desertic black sand beaches to the biggest mountain chain in the north, the Roque de los Muchachos, 2400m high, and in between buracas caves, an old aboriginal settlement, «el callejoncito» wild beach, puerto naos and tazacorte fishermen villages, cave of Candelaria, Playa la veta, both in tijarafe, prehistoric forest of la Zarza in the north etc etc (many!) FACILITIES Tijarafe has a bioshop and supermarkets, cash machine, medical center, pharmacy, tourist office and good terraces to sit and enjoy the views while eating some fancy «tapas». Very near the house theres a brewery which makes bio beer (old german school, excellent!) and offers an excellent menu If you like to, you can come join the monthly jam session in Cueva de Agua, every first friday of the month, with many of the local musicians, or one of the many celebrations like solstice, full moon, workshops and so that are very common in this island's lifestyle The house is isolated, all the local facilities here translate into a ten minute drive, in addition to the five—to—seven minute climb unp the hill to the parking place HOUSE The house and the rooms are simple, equipped and built with natural materials as much as possible yet please don't expect luxury or all the commodities of a city apartment. The outside rooms, separate from the house are a restored tool room and a greenhouse, and i made my best to make them feel cozy, but if you prefer a more conventional standard and a well built room within the premises of the house then you may like the red room (habitacion roja) built in the canarian tipicall style. In some parts of the house and in one of the rooms natural wool has been used as isolation, which may look funny yet feels very good to me House is luminous and cozy, with great open views but after all is just a farm house with a touch Despite my efforts to keep it low, the last census is as follows: 5 cats and 3 kittens. 3 chicken and two baby chicken, 2 dogs and me it is a place for animal lovers House is 5 minute walk on a 400m hiking path, there are no neighbours and it is possible to practice naturism Strategically close to grocerys market, supermarket, wild beaches and restaurants in fishermen village nearby Good spot to explore the west coast of the island and its many treasures, ideal for hikers Internet access is limited yet of good quality There's a house manual to create minimum impact on nature and make the best of the resources avaliable Fresh spring water and solar power Musicians friendly place IMPORTANT!!!: 400 meter walk from the car to the house, please try to arrive in daytime, bring a good torch, good hiking shoes and preferably backpack (not possible to drive your wheel luggage down the mountain)

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