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Angelica Soraya
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Per Month $ 1020.0








Family friendly art lovers

Whole unit
Private bath
Mixed household


My family is very simple, consisting of .. me, my husband, my two sons, he, a very creative guy who likes photography, works as a web design in a local newspaper, a girl ... she just graduated from design but still does not work, in the meantime, designs and sells her work. helps me with housework at home, several times a week we go together to make a little 'gym. We live in Diano D'Alba is a beautiful city, the hills, 5 km of another beautiful city called Alba, famous for its truffles, cakes and poetic in the midst of the Langhe hills, around many many vineyards. The house is surrounded by greenery, but very close to everything, 1 hour of Turin, 1 and a half of the sea, Liguria, 2 hours in Milan. We work almost everyone except my daughter who helps us in the work at home. We are animal lovers, so we have 2 dogs, 2 cats, a turtle. They and we enjoy all the great garden, especially of state.We like to live in a simple way, it is possible in harmony. The house is on two floors, we are almost always in the upstairs of winter we are all together near the stove. Downstairs there is a small but cozy living room, multi-function call like this, where sometimes studying, working or doing yoga, my son is a trainer and nutritionist I then sometimes that space becomes even study. Besides there is also a small double bedroom, a bathroom, that when we have guests, our friends or relatives, then my daughter uses it to create and design their projects. And this is all over our house, I consider small but not so small, a comfortable house, a large garden with a big heart.


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