Anthony and Koli
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Per Month $622








find the warmth of your own home...

Whole unit
Private bath
Mixed household


Greetings! Welcome to Sunshiny Calgary! We are opening our home because we love to share our rich Canadian and Filipino culture! We have hosted students and travellers before and it was successful for both parties. We have two sons (24 and 22-year-olds), but both are studying at Mcgill University in Montreal, so they are with us during the summer time only. We have a mini poodle, he is hypoallergenic and he does not shed. He is really friendly and sweet. But you can always ignore him if you do not want to be bothered. We are offering upstairs bedrooms and a big basement bedroom with complete furniture. We are sorry that we do not provide any meals except for self-serve light breakfast. But you are welcome to use the kitchen and consider it your own to prepare food. There is a 60 inch TV, a treadmill and a wireless internet. We are in the quiet neighbourhood of Harvest Hills, 6-minute drive to YYC, close to the park, banks, library, recreational centre, grocery stores, Cross Iron Mills, and express routes to downtown and University of Calgary. It is a friendly and quiet community, good for studying and walking. We love hiking, driving, going to coffee shoppes, and watching movies at home. We have a half-court basketball in the driveway and a table tennis. We love to bring students to the events we go to and we introduce them to people as a way of language immersion and learning Canadian culture. Also, if the student wants to come, he can also come with us for vacations. In the photos, we brought Asako, our student from Japan, to Montreal, Ontario, New York, and Maryland. We connected her to our friends in Vancouver Island where she worked at Wendy's based on our recommendation to the store manager. Our other students from Korea would go with us to our friends' house for karaoke and billiard nights. We treat our homestay students as family members, and we help them to enjoy and become successful in their stay in Canada. I am an English professor, thus I can assist students in their language learning if they need help. Our house rules are no smoking and no excessive drinking. The student may sometimes bring friends at home (but make sure to inform or ask for permission in advance). In addition to these rules, our family rules are: be kind, hold hands, love one another, do not lie. work hard, family first.


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