For rent 1 room in a 2 bedroom Somerville (winter hill) apartment

The apartment is located on the first floor of a well maintained building. (maintenance/ general requests usually completed next day) and is a 5 minute walk to the 89 bus stop, 80 bus stop, and 101 bus stop. Very easy walking distance to Magoun Square. 20 min walking distance to Tufts University. There are a couple small grocery stores within a 5 min walking distance to Magoun Square. The apartment has 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 1 kitchen, and a big living room. The apartment is fully furnished. The bedroom comes with two dressers which you can use while you live in the apartment and a mattress which you can decide if you want to use or throw away. Laundry is included in the basement. I’ve signed on to the lease for another year, and am looking for a roommate for some or all of that period (with a 12 month commitment preferred). I am vegetarian but won't mind if you have meat in the house as long as it is contained in a specific part of the fridge and I love to cook so if you like being fed then you would be an awesome room mate. I also don't mind sharing groceries as long as they are replaced. ALL Utilities (Gas, Electricity, Internet) including!
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