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Healing & Fun in the mountains

Whole unit
Private bath
Mixed household


Danyang Fountain House is located in Danyang, one of the loveliest sightseeing sites in Korea. It is on the hillside of one of the most beautiful mountains, Geumsusan mountain* whose name means the silk-embroidered mountain. The fresh air here is a source of rejuvenation which enables many old and weak people to keep steadily healthy. When you take a stroll or a hike around this area, you will feel stronger and stronger in your body and soul. The leisurely life in our house will give you back what you have lost in your hard-struggling days. If you want to rest and be refreshed really, our house is worthwhile true visiting. *Geumsusan Mountain (altitude: 1,1015m) is located in Jeokseong-myeon, Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do. The mountain is also known as Minyeobong (beauty peak) because the mountain range, when seen from afar, is said to resemble a beautiful woman lying on her side. The mountain was originally called Baegamsan, but the noted Joseon-period scholar Yi Hwang (pen name, Toegye) renamed the mountain Geumsusan (silk embroidery mountain) when he was the chief governor of Danyang County, saying its graceful features matched the fineness of silk embroidery.  Geumsusan Mountain is considered as one of the “Eight Scenic Views of Danyang” with visitors flocking all year round to enjoy the scenic mountain landscapes carpeted with royal azalea blossoms in spring, greenery in summer, foliage in autumn, and snow in winter. In the vicinity is a seaside filming location of Korean historical dramas. The Geumsusan Mountain Gamgol Maple Festival is held in this area every October. Danyang Fountain House nestles next to a small natural fountain. You will find it very lovely. It borders nearly along the creek. The view on the second floor deck is fantastic. The guest room has been remodeled to serve you in our house. You are supposed to stay with an independent bathroom and a bedroom. We have a fountain next to our house. All the village people here had shared it to do their laundry for more than twenty years before the public water supply was installed in this village. It is now our exclusive water. Also, we have an exceptionally tall tree nearby. It is our guardian tree whose age is perhaps five hundred years old.  We know that your stay at our house is different from that in the metropolitan areas. We live in the farming zone in the mountains. We do not have a variety of amenities provided in the cities. Instead you can receive the gifts from our mother nature without any limits. We are proud of luxuriant trees and flowers, countless birds and insects, and colorful farming living styles. However, lest you should not be inconvenient in your stay at our house, we will do our utmost efforts to present you with our best service available. Let us tell you that we always stay below your room. You can talk to us what you want whenever you feel like it. . I live with my wife. My wife enjoys gardening and has plenty of hospitality to share with you.


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