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Whole unit
Private bath
Mixed household


For both long and short stay's within Nairobi and it's environment, I believe this house makes the best comfort place and area for visitors, who are entitled to experience happiness and hospitality throughly the day's to their visit. Comforter home gives you variety and guaranteed services and need's of requirement's. Within shortest kilometres drive from the airport to South C area where it is located, one would prefer a cub or a cheaper way of Matatu (public means) that only takes 15-20 minutes by road to this destination for pickup. The four bedroom house is superbly furnished, with well maintained 24 hour surveillance neighborhood one would really feel at home. All the four bedroom are under one house, 3 bedroom upstairs, that is one queen and a king plus the Master bedroom all upstairs. There are two more extra pent room too upstairs. The ground floor consists of one bedroom, bathroom and this is where the living room stands. ( check more details on pictures) One person Live's here, since mostly I'm out of town. She is my aunt and uses the ground bedroom, that mean's the rest three upstairs are available any day. In a case where guests require all four bedroom, then she normally rent's the ground floor where she sleeps and uses one of the pent one upstairs. All the rooms are entitled to stable bed's and amenities. We offer you clean white towels and bedsheets. Those bedsheets are washed after each and every three day's at a no fee. We also offer shower gel, toilet papers and everyday house cleaning at a no cost. Families who require to use kitchen, everything is included for their use and they are free prior this.. So Generally, I hope this will give you some hint of my place, and that I continue to keep it better to fully reach that desired standards you are most likely to book at you comfort. Feel free to contact me more inquiry of this place, and I will be available asap! The Comforter.

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