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Hostal Aynet: The Pearl of the South

Whole unit
Private bath
Mixed household


Hostal Aynet is a family accommodation for foreigners located in the city of Cienfuegos, La Perla del Sur. Modern residence where spacious spaces predominate, with great ventilation and comfort. It has a spacious well equipped room, living room, kitchen, terrace where you can enjoy breakfast and dinners, as well as excellent typical Cuban cocktails. Close to the beach where you can enjoy excellent views and sunsets. The house has a spacious room: Hotel deals Room fully air-conditioned, the room two double beds, has a capacity for 4 people. It has minibar supplied with national and international drinks. It has large windows where great ventilation and lighting predominates. The bathroom is spacious with central heater providing hot and cold water 24 hours.  Guests can use the living room, the kitchen with all the comforts, as well as the terrace that has hammock, tables and a shower for if you want to cool off in the open air or after returning from the beach. Breakfasts and dinners are served outdoors on the terrace, where you can enjoy excellent views, fresh air and tranquility, and enjoy excellent cocktails. We organize walks in the city with guides in English, we manage transportation, as well as continuity of lodging to any place of Cuba that wishes the guest. We offer total or local massage, relaxation or physiotherapeutic services. We offer wall diving service, natural pool environments, cenote and coral bottom as well as sunken ships. We offer tourist excursions service to Playa Rancho Luna, Guanaroca Lagoon where you can enjoy excellent sunsets with the flamingos, excursions to the Niche where you can enjoy the hiking, the beautiful waterfalls and the endemic flora of the Escambray. Excursion, boat trip and fishing in the dam of the Hanabanilla, as well as lunch peasant in paladares of the zone. Boat trip to enjoy the sunrise and sunset in Cienfuegos bay. We offer laundry service with prices adjustable to the volume of washing. ___________________________________________ We serve cocktails, with typical Cuban drinks like cubalibre, mojito, piña colada and cubata. We offer service of breakfasts, dinners and snacks, not included in the price of the room. DINNER: Price 8.00 - 10.00 cuc Main courses: * Pork (Sauce / Roast / Grille) ----------------------- 8.00 cuc * Chicken (Sauce / Roast / Fried / Grille) ---------------- 8.Cuc * Grilled Fish Fillet -------------------------- 10.00 cuc * Shrimp in Salsa Grille or Empanado -------- 10.00 cuc It includes: * Bread * Bean stew Rice * Vianda or Boiled Fruit * Vegetable salad * Dessert ___________________________________________ DRINKS: * Natural Mineral Water ------------------------ 1.00 cuc * Natural Mineral Water 1500 ml ------------- 1.00 cuc * Fruit Juice ---------------------------------- 1.00 cuc * Lemonade ---------------------------------------- 1.00 cuc * Refreshments ---------------------------------------- 1.00 cuc * Glass of Wine ----------------------------------- 2.00 cuc * National Wine Bottle --------------------- 8.00 cuc * Coffee with Milk -------------------------------- 1.50 cuc * Coffee (Coffe) ------------------------------------ 1.00 cuc * National Beers (National Beers) --- 1.50 cuc ___________________________________________ BREAKFAST: Price 5.Cuc * Fruits * Fruit juice * Milk * Coffee * Tea * Bread * Butter * Honey * Egg-Fried / Omelette / Scrambled / Boiled * Ham and Cheese or Sandwich * Sweet ___________________________________________ MERIENDA: Price 5.00 cuc * Fruit juice * Cheese or Ham sandwich ___________________________________________ Ice Cream ------------------------------------- 1.50 cuc

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