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Per Month $1,100








Joyful, loving the Sport.

Whole unit
Shared bath
Mixed household


Raul and Silvia are a family with 3 children. Raul Fernando (28), Ana Estefania (24) and Natalia Vanessa (17). The 5 are lovers of sports, dance and meet new friends. We always try to spend family time because our house has a nice space to do a Roast (Barbecue) and some sport like basketball or volleyball. The house is on 3 floors with a very large meeting room where we, a small bar for special occasions. The kitchen is very large and that right there is a small room where generlamente breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are 4 bedrooms and a games room where there are pool table, ping pong table, and a large tv for youth meetings on the first floor. In the second and main we have a very large garden with a pool, also the dining room and kitchen. With access to a courtyard with a small volleyball court where we have 2 beautiful CUBS. Finally the third floor, the bedrooms.with large windows to make more beautiful sight. There we have a small room where we usually see Star movies or talk before bedtime. Ana works in a public company and is the first sale, Vane goes to school at 7:00 am. Raul Fernando works near the home in the family business and its main HOBBIES is sports (soccer, volleyball, tennis etc), go for a walk, going to the movies and the weekend together with family and friends for a barbecue or to around in some open place. The residence is located away from the daily contamincacion (SMOG) in a safe place with guardianship (COMPLEX), you can take a walk and enjoy the forest and parks nearby. We are close to shopping centers to 10, and 20 minutes' and resorts like HALF THE WORLD. The weekend is our best.We went for a walk sometimes out of town, or Centro Historico to eat, and visit museums in the capital.


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