Minimum Stay None
Per Month $ 844








KITNETS SANTOS POINT OF THE BEACH, FREE TODAY 30 to 1maio precinho ZAP 13 99724 5220

Whole unit
Private bath
Mixed household


ATTENTION PRICES ON SOME DATES AND WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS ARE DIFFERENT FROM THE CALCULATED BY THE SITE. PLEASE BEFORE CLOSE BUSINESS THE SIGN IS NOT RETURNED IN NO EVENT. RULES WHERE TO RENT IF YOU DO NOT AGREE, AVOID PROBLEMS DO NOT RENT 1 RULE When renting the apartment you HAVE THE RIGHT to visit the property before or have someone you trust visit. Clear all doubts first. You DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to say on entering that this is not what you imagined or did not like about it or that, I DO NOT ACCEPT COMPLAINTS. 2 RULE Once you have set the rental period YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to enjoy, this period completely, I DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to ask the property back before the period ends. Likewise YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to decide to leave without completing your period for whatever reason, and request your money back. I DO NOT RETURN VALUES. RULE 3 YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to put more people in the apartment besides the combined CHILDREN are people too, and they count. EVENTS PROBLEMS. There are limits, In the building there are rules and cameras. Obs. CERTIFY IF BEFORE, VISITING THE SITE OR ASK A FRIEND THAT MORE IN SAINTS AND PERCEIVES IF EVERYTHING IS PURCHASED, I DO NOT ACCEPT SUBSEQUENT CLAIMS. I DO NOT RETURN VALUES. Kitnetes in excellent location in Ponta da Praia near the canal 6 and 100m from the beach, Next to the aquarium, Shopping and Sesc. The apartment has 5 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, living room with fireplace, double bed mattress D33, 1 bunk bed, 1 mattress, laundry clothes, tv (with open channels), fans, refrigerator, stove, micro waves and other kitchen utensils .Local simple but with everything in order. Prdio with garage but not guaranteed (not for all, in order of arrival), monitored by cameras and concierge 24 h. Family atmosphere. PLEASE CONTINUE READING MORE DETAILS THE ENTRANCE IN THE APARTMENT WILL ONLY BE ALLOWED WITH THE PAYMENT OF THE REMAINING MONEY, COMPLETING THUS THE TOTAL AMOUNT COMBINED BY THE STAY. Reservations will only be made with deposit of 50% of the negotiated value, and in case of desistência will not be refunded the value. Is not provided bedding, bath and toiletries. Negotiate directly with the owner, including visits. The garage is not guaranteed, because it does not have all, having some vacancy you use a NO USE OF ELECTRIC GRILLS OR CARBON OR HEATERS, AND NO ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITHOUT USING THE OWNER'S AUTHORIZATION, IS NOT PERMITTED

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