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Lal Maya Home Stay

Whole unit
Private bath
Mixed household


Lal Maya Home Stay is a result of my dream to live here and support Nepal. I would like to introduce myself a little bit, hopefully to inspire people to come here and enjoy wonderful Swayambhu! I was born and raised in Poland. After graduation of Master Degree in Social Psychology, I came first time to Nepal in 2011. Swayambhu was the first place that I have visited and from that moment I knew this is my place. In 2012 I began Buddhist philosophy studies at Karmapa International Buddhist Institute in New Delhi, which lasted for five years. That time I was spending time partly in New Delhi, and partly in Kathmandu. During my studies in Delhi I had wonderful opportunity to volunteer for the Karmapa Documentary Project. In 2012 I designed new website of www.karmapa-news.org and since then I have wonderful chance to update the website and provide some images of Thaye Dorje, His Holiness the 17th Karmapa’s activities. 2015 was difficult at the same time on of the most amazing years of my life. I was lucky that I left for Buddhist pilgrimage from Kathmandu to Bodhgaya just two days before the earthquake. I came back to Kathmandu ten days after the earth had shaken. For two months, with a team of wonderful friends, we had been traveling around villages of Nepal to provide relief. Almost every day I was coming up to Swayambhu to document demolition process of my beloved Monastery – Karma Raja Maha Vihar. That time I didn’t know that in the future my images will become useful for the Monastery. In autumn 2015 I designed booklet for the Monastery and involved in supporting KRMV with my photography for the website www.karmarajamahavihar.org Summer 2015 was the time when I decided that Nepal is my home and after finishing my Buddhist studies I will move here to help. In spring 2017 I have registered White Grain Foundation, to be able to officially support monks of Karma Raja Maha Vihar, who were very much affected by the earthquake. They lost their Monastery and had to move temporarily to nearby Shar Minub Institute. At the same time I wanted to continue supporting underprivileged people from villages of Nepal and disabled children. In the end of 2017 I decided to fulfill one more wish that was always in my mind: to open a guest house. I found beautiful home, carefully arranged rooms and apartments, to be able to share space for anyone willing to come to Nepal. This spring my dream came true and now Lal Maya Home Stay is ready to host friends coming to Nepal!


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