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LaraHomestay Private Wild Beach

Whole unit
Private bath
Mixed household


We accept only 3 nights up - for your convenient, health and relaxing LaraHomestay is only for persons who want a natural holiday, in between nowhere and deeply quiet. We promise you relaxing, detoxing body, 24 hours inside the sea but Not Night-life. Please rolls through our Photos to get a general look over this remote homestay. At the end, we post an image shows our rooms with clearly view for you. Hope you will no more confuse to choose!! LaraHomestay had build end of 2009 as private house with 02 parts. It located on a long dune along wild beach, both of Round House and Square House pointed to the sea, with a track down from sand dune to a privately beach. You will get the sun rise and sun set just at same place from morning to evening, and 360 degree view over the ocean, the huge mountain behind 02 houses and lakes stretched out till horizon ROUNDHOUSE Round House has 01 bedroom for guest and other 02 using for my family, where I staying with my 02 children. The room for guest has designed with private entrance, but also a door to open to livingroom inside Roundhouse. Guest who choose to stay in this room can use also my livingroom and the indoor kitchen, watching movie together with me or my child, or play music on the Yamaha Piano we set inside. These rooms open to the big Living room with large sofa, an 45 inches cable TV, and also a kitchen with gas cooker and kitchen equipments, Fridge, sink..... Kitchen window directs your eyes to the sea, the wide sky and green. Enjoy the nature as you peeling off onions even!!! SQUAREHOUSE Square House has 02 bedroom and 02 toilet and bathroom, divided by a big wall and then a big wooden door. So as you close the middle wooden door, you have 02 separated room. As you open it, you will get a whole house. Both rooms viewed to the sea, too The long terrace here just welcome you to lying down and fall in sleep in an afternoon, ponder a great book and sometime send your chilled ideas to the blue sky Between 02 Houses, its an open kitchen and eat place, ready to join a seafood Barbecue party or warmly dinner with our family. And of course, it also looks to the sea! FARMING We also have a small farm behind the dunes, where we plant our own vegetables, some fruits, and raising up real Garden Chicken and Black Ducks. Eggs for your breakfast certainly comes from our chickens. And hot homemade jams just ready for you to try FOOD Breakfast is including We are at the Beach, it means we can have the best Fish and Seafood ever!! We are at Countryside, with special garden Chickens, fresh Beef, tender Pork, delicious Ducks ..and Organic plants Myself passed through 7 years cooking at home, for all the events and celebrations of my family within Foreigner Guests. So I understand your taste and I am sure you will have the most impressive foods at LaraHomestay We propose you the best Vietnamese Menu and Italian Menu, almost things homemade, be sure that you will get the fresh and carefully cook. There is nothing you have to worry for!! IT IS NOT EASY TO FIND US, we don't have any sign board outside or any path So please drop us email and we will take care you and bring you your second home. Don't confuse to ask How to get to us: Land your flight at Tân Sơn Nhất Airport, Ho Chi Minh City, we will take you home! TRANSPORTATIONS are available to get you here : - Local nice big bus, with lying-chairs that similar to small beds for each person, 10 USD/ 01 ticket 01 way, starts everyday at 11 AM at District 11 Ho Chi Minh city. Arriving until LaraHomestay front gate. This Nice bus only brings passengers who want to enter Tan Hai, Binh Thuan Province - it is LaraHomestay location, too. The owner of this bus is LaraHomestay's friend, so they’ll be sure you will have a safe and fun trip. Bus takes 5 - 6 hours to arrive, 01 time break at Stop station with Restrooms and Shop, and Fast food - As you start 11AM in Ho Chi Minh city, you will be at LaraHomestay about 5PM - Train by Vietnam Railway It take 4 hours and arriving 30 km far away LaraHomestay, then taxi or private car to us. The private car must be someone who know about our area Taxi will cost 38 USD and Private car is about 45 USD ( ask us for this option if you want to try out the train, we'll help you to choose the best solution ) - Private Car rental, it will pick you anywhere at Ho Chi Minh city and bring you directly to LaraHomestay. It's a Nissan Grand Livina 07 seats, comfort and privately. Our driver is a very good driver, carefully, fast and easy-going guy. It take 3 and haft hour to arrive Private car rental is about 95 USD/ 01 way LOCATION OF US Go Dinh Village, Tan Thuan, Ham Thuan Nam Ward, Binh Thuan Province, Viet Nam


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