Now accepting and welcoming new housemate on this single family modern home. Available for lease starting August 1, 2017 ending March 31, 2018. Very convenient location. Within walking distance to the Rockville Metro station. Also walkable to the Rockville Town center and nearby restaurants, groceries, theater and more. Included in the price are the utilities, cable and internet and trash. Amenities in the home include: 1) Kitchen 2) Separate laundry room 3) Family room 4) Living room 5) Dining room 6) Breakfast nook 7) Big backyard 8) Patio 9) Patio tables 10) HD cable 11) Dedicated parking This house is equipped with modern furniture and technologies such as fire alarm, smoke detector. If you are interested in checking the place, please call and leave a voicemail and I will get back to you ASAP. I am now welcoming prospective roommate, so please call to set-up an appointment. Near Places: Rockville Town Center Rockville Metro Station Giant Welcome home! Thank you.
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