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Minimum Stay None
Per Month $ 816









Whole unit
Private bath
Mixed household


The place where we live is on the Tuscan coast, between San Vincenzo and Cecina, the country is called Castagneto Carducci. is in beautiful countryside, close to the sea and has a wine tradition, here are the aziiende wine famous all over the world, such as' "Ornellaia" and famous wines such as Sassicaia .. The apartment is at your disposal you located in a building that is inhabited only by our family. It includes a large master bedroom, a living room with a kitchenette, and a nice bathroom with shower. There is an area outside the apartment, but there is a lovely common courtyard, where you can stand to read or sunbathe. The mansion is located in the center of Castagneto Carducci, but in a nice area and panoramica.La open window of the bedroom overlooking the sea and the countryside, you can see in the distance the Alps and the islands of the archipelago, such as Capraia and Gorgona .  Our family includes grandparents, two boys of eleven fifteen years, and the mother and aunt of the boys. We are a big family, but everyone has their own apartment. The mother of the children is fluent in three languages, English German and French, the grandmother and aunt speak French. Years ago my grandmother hosted students who came to Italy to learn the language or see the great monuments of our regione.Siamo lovers of art history, music, at home we have a piano and a violin, we like good food , paint and play sports. Nearby there are riding stables, tennis courts, there is the sea to seven km and in the summer we always go to the beach or pool .: We are also willing to organize a trip.

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