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Minimum Stay None
Per Month $ 814








No pool, lots of comfort and peace!

Whole unit
Shared bath
Mixed household


Well, I don't have swimming pool or gym at my lovely place! My apartment is a cozy one, 65 Sq.M, with 2 bedrooms and a spacious kitchen. Personally, I deeply love this place as here is the first private apt I could get after lots of hardworking and saving money! Yea, you may have experienced such feeling too. Hmm, reviewing other guys' pages, I think I should mention that I don't have my own TV, in case you care about. I use my laptop though, to watch movies, American TV series, and listening to music. I'm trying to put the TV set on top of my "must-buy" list, for the sake of my laptop, lol. Do you wanna know me a bit? Well, I am a 31 girl living on my own, trying enthusiastically to achieve the "big dreams" I've had since I was a little girl. I have university degrees in architecture and urban design. I've been doing architecture, painting, writing, translating, designing and tour-guiding for 5 years. I love music and movies, and I'm so good with people. You can ask all my tour clients from Germany, Ireland (I loved this boy, so smart, funny and caring), UK, Spain, Japan, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, and so on; that would take a while though! These days, I'm busy with translating a book from En to Persian, looking for a new full-time job, applying for PhD in Canada, and making up my minds about some business ideas I have. All in all, in case you are not seeking luxury places, and would like to spend your time with an easy-going Iranian girl, well, call me! Let's cook, relax and talk. Tell me about your life; your passions; the skills you have; your dreams! Life path is full of ups and downs, so, we can really use some motivations and wisdom once in a while, don't we? See you! Zara.

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