One mansion, two pups and few humans looking for a new housemate (West Germantown)

Why pay Philadelphia prices for drywall, Formica, and on-street parking when you can be transported to a Victorian paradise? A massive figural fireplace carved by hand, masonry hauled up from the banks of the Wissahickon, horsehair plaster, hardwood floors, a fire pit, a coming soon swimming pool, a huge dining room, two living areas, a grand staircase, mysterious rooms that have been walled off, a huge front porch, gardens that put Longwood to shame, two refrigerators, and all the Internet, heat, and cable on enormous flat screen televisions that you can surf, soak up, or watch. Learn what quality workmanship can mean-the house is quiet as a museum, day or night. There is a train station to Center City a few blocks up. Fairmont Park, Wissahickon Trail, and Bluebell Field are all close by. The humans residing therein are all working professionals (mental health, education, and arts programming development). Past residents of this amazing abode include funds manager, forensic pathologists, professors, and the former governor of Pennsylvania. You are welcome to engage with the occasional visitors and permanent residents in conversations about literature, politics, and current events, as well as the ongoing project of spoiling the dogs, or you can use the house as a quiet retreat where you will not be bothered. All housemates share in household chores. Rental agreement is month to month, so if it is not a good fit for you there is no obligation to stay. There are some cats, but they hide all the time. There are 2 rooms on the 3rd floor available. One is $700 per month and one is $775 per month. We can provide some furniture but you will need to provide your own bed. One month security and references required. The current residents of the Albatross are LGBTQIA and multi-racial. West Germantown section of the city. Tulpehocken Regional Rail stop.
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