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Pedro and Teresa

Whole unit
Private bath
Mixed household


The hostal Pedro and Teresa is a family house, 4 professionals, who rented two colonial rooms on the first level with capacity for 3 people. The room is heated with Split and a wall fan, plus a window and a colonial door overlooking the garden that provides a very pleasant natural ventilation. The bathroom is located inside the room, with hot and cold water service 24/7 and everything you need for personal hygiene. Colonial house built at the beginning of 1700, located in the historical center of the city of Trinidad in Calle Gustavo Izquierdo (Gloria) # 127 e / Piro Guinart and Simon Bolivar right next to the bus platform, steps from the main square and the Museums. Its original owners were the wealthy Álvarez del Real family of Spanish origin. The sale of the house has a history turned into a legend ... At the beginning of 1900 it was sold to the Carles family of Catalan origin, their descendants are currently living. It maintains its colonial structure: living room, sitting room, corridor, inner patio with garden, brick backyard and the ruins of the old carriage house, with an arch that recalls the ancient grandeur of the time. The house retains the marble floor brought from Italy, its 5 bedrooms keep the original doors and windows for the garden of them rent 2. These rooms are independent with windows to the terrace, air conditioning, two beds, independent bathroom with cold water And hot 24 hours, with patio also colonial with a cistern or well (6 meters long by 3.5 meters deep) where rainwater is still collected.

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