Minimum Stay None
Per Month $1,100








Priv. room in Kichijoji suburb

Whole unit
Shared bath
Mixed household


Family of four. We are fluent in Japanese and English. For short stays, please use the door bell on the left of the entrance gate when ever you come home. We will be quick to open the door. Thanks! We cook western food and Japanese food regularly. Lunch and dinner can be provided for an additional fee (to be discussed). No pets (except for tropical fish). Very small garden/trees circling the house. Your room is six tatami mats in size. Japanese style room, futons, small table, chair, heater, and window. we have fast Wifi throughout the house. There is a shared dining, living room with TV and sofa which seats 7, a shared fancy Japanese toilet and one shower/bath and laundry machine. You can put things in the refrigerator if needed. Please ask us if you need boiling water or something cooked, so we can assist you. We will provide you with a light breakfast (e.g., cheese toast, egg, and banana) We will give you a neighborhood map to get around easily. We know what to do in Tokyo! and we can recommend cool things everywhere! There are great supermarkets and restaurants (cheap and/or fancy) nearby. Please use one or two of our bicycles to get around the area. 9 minute bicycle ride to the heart of Kichijoji shopping area. The neighborhood is quiet and safe. All the neighbors are Japanese, friendly, and know each other. There is an indoor pool and gym 300m from our house. Open year-round. It's ¥200 an hour to use by the public. FAQ by guests: How and when do I pay you? Please pay us in full in cash when you check-in. Bank deposit is possible but only before you check in. Can I use the kitchen and appliances? Yes, but please let us explain some things first. Can you offer me a discount for a longer stay? Yes, please contact us. Will I have a key to the house? For longer stays yes when needed. We are usually working from home. What is the homestay close to? Kichijoji and all of the excitement that goes with that place. Please check Kichijoji visitor guide on the Internet. A couple beautiful lake parks are an easy bicycle ride away too. Beautiful temples are in the area. Various universities also. Exercise facilities? About 300 meters from our house there is a public gym and indoor year round swimming pool. Only 200yen an hour! Clean and nice! Also a golf practice range 300 meters from our house. Outdoor running space? There are 4 lakes surrounded by parks, from 400 meters away to 2 kilometers away, one in each direction. Easy bike ride to all of them. This area of Tokyo is flat so it is easy to ride a bicycle around everywhere. How close it is to the city? 10 minutes by bicycle or 10 minutes by bus to the heart of kichijoji, or 20 minutes by foot. From Kamishakuji station, which is a 10 minute walk from our house, Shinjuku is just 12 minutes away by train and just 10 minutes by train to the famous Yamanote train line in the heart of tokyo. Kichijoji is only 15 minutes from shibuya on the INOKASHIRA train line. What are the transport options? Kamishakuji station: 10 minutes by foot 4 minutes by bicycle Kichijoji station: 10 minutes by bicycle 10 minutes by Bus 20 minutes by foot Narita airport from/to kichijoji: Direct bus to narita airport 1.5 hours. And the train takes about 1.5 hours too *Bus is simple and easy, no transfers. Narita airport from/to Kamishakuji station: by train one hour and 42 minutes. Kichijoji is a fashionable neighbourhood in Mitaka City in the western suburbs of Tokyo. Kichijoji is again and again at the top of surveys of the most desirable places to live in Tokyo! The Monocle Quality of Life Survey 2015 ranked Tokyo as the most livable city on the planet. Logic thus states that Kichijoji is the most livable neighbourhood on the planet. Woah.  Perhaps this is a non-sequitur designed to give weight to an opening paragraph, perhaps not, let’s not probe too deeply. The fact is, Kichijoji, with its ever-lovely park, edgy yet refined reputation and range of fine shops, restaurants and live music venues stands tall as an excellent place to hang out, spend a day, or if you’ve got the money, live.  See the following link for things to do, eat, drink, shopping, and entertainment in Kichijoji: Or for only restaurants in kichijoji: Or: The picturesque Inokashira Park with its large ornamental ponds makes a beautiful centrepiece to Kichijoji. The Ghibli Museum – a tribute to animator Hayao Miyazaki’s Ghibli Studios – is also located in the park. Please reserve your tickets in a month in advance on the net. There are two old traditional Japanese public bath houses located very close to Kichijoji station. Kichijoji Station is connected to Shibuya via the Keio Inokashira Line (for which it is the terminus). It’s also on the JR Chuo Line with quick access to Shinjuku. TRANSPORTATION NOTE: From Narita airport terminal you can take a limousine bus or a train. The "keisei limousine bus" is a direct bus from Narita airport to and from Kichijoji station (about 3000yen). From Kichijoji station bus stop, to and from our house, it's a 1,000yen taxi ride. The Taxi ride will take 10 minutes. I guarantee this is the easiest way after a long flight. The Keisei bus counter for getting a bus ticket to Kichijoji from Narita airport is just outside the arrivals (immigration) exit gate at narita airport. Buses leave every 30 to 45 minutes. The bus will take about one hour and 40 minutes. If you take a train, you will have to transfer two times to get to Kichijoji. It will cost about 1,800yen. Or the Skyliner train (special VIP train) will cost about 2,700yen and you will still have to transfer two times (not as easy as a bus after a long flight). If you use a train you can go either to Kichijoji station (then taxi 10 minutes) or Kamishakuji station (then walk 10 minutes). The train will take about one hour and 50 minutes. Narita international airport is a bit far from TOKYO... but that's the usual airport for visitors and all airlines... We, and sometimes visiting family always use the keisei limousine (highway) bus to and from the airport. Let me know if you need more information! Thanks!


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