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Real Bali local views 2room Family suite

Whole unit
Private bath
Mixed household


This Guesthouse is traditionally built with care by local Balinese. The 3 suites can be rented for single, couple or as a complete unit for multi families or group retreats. It's also suitable for writers, artists, or people who want a longer term place to create and relax in the peace and quiet of Bali. SUNSET SUITE: Two floors, two bedrooms each with Queen size beds, shared outdoor style marble bathroom, extra single bed is located in the upstairs room with wonderful views of the fields, and pool below. The Guesthouse is designed with Balinese tradition in mind. All the building, wood carving and furnishings are made by hand by local craftsmen. Guests can feel the warmth and passion that has been given to make this dream home come true. A short taxi ride away from Ubud, the cultural and holistic health center of Bali, guest can easily head into town for yoga, spa or a taste of vegan cooking. Head to any direction for a cultural tour or some beach time. Badangbai is a lovely village with 4 different kinds of beach and a great place for snorkeling. In Pesalakan village, you will find yourself gazing at Mt. Agung, the volcanic Mother mountain, farmers in their rice fields, and the ocean which is 1 hour away. Both sunrise and sunset are spectacular from the gazebo above the kitchen or from the many outdoor sitting areas scattered around the house and gardens. Your Guest Service hosts Wayan and his gracious wife Putri, truly enjoy sharing their unique culture and are eager to answer any questions. Dont be surprised if they dress you up in the traditional clothing and whisk you off to a temple ceremony or family feast. Its their pleasure to make your stay comfortable and stress-free. ACTIVITY CULTURE Visitors are most welcome to join family events such as weddings and funerals, and all village temple or community ceremonies. It is a pleasure to have you join the spirit. To show your respect and gratitude, it is very important to wear a sarong and waist scarf when entering the temples at all times and during street processions. Photography is acceptable but, dont walk in front of the sitting people during prayer time...keep yourself lower than the priest. Please ask Wayan if you are unsure. He can arrange a temple visit in his village and you can accompany him. If you want to give a small donation to the temple or family, that is up to you. There is no pressure to give. If you want to, do so...This is KARMA. ACTIVITY IN-HOUSE What else to do while you are there? Feel free to putter around in the garden and pick bananas and other fruit for your meals. Putri can teach you a recipe for a traditional dish so you can pick the herbs and ginger, turmeric and prepare them from scratch. During the day, walk through the fields along the waterways and see how the locals tend their crops. Wayan enjoys taking the guests on nature walks to see how chocolate, coffee, cinnamon and other plants are grown. Enjoy a massage, visit the little village schools, ride a bike around the neighbouring villages, or go for a swim at the river. During the evenings, swing in the hammock in the bale above the kitchen and read . We have a library full of interesting books and DVD's to watch on your computer or the TV. Don't worry, there is plenty to do. Or simply sit back and watch the rice grow! ACTIVITY IN VILLAGE Pesalakan village is a very traditional village and home to 200 friendly families. They are enjoying the interaction of our guests. Nightly volleyball is practiced in the central road and you will hear the sounds of the gamelan playing in the background. Feel free to walk around the back streets seeing how the locals live. We are surrounded by rice fields in all directions. Set out and have long rice field walks. Join in the planting or harvesting, pick the ceremony flowers with the workers, take photos of the cute cows and be careful, it can get slippery in the fields during the rainy season so wear sturdy shoes that can get muddy. One guest from Italy soaked herself in the mud one day - that was quite the scene!! There is a waterfall not too far away and small country roads to follow to the nearby towns making a loop from one town to another. If you would like a guide, just ask! Putri enjoys sharing where she used to climb down to the Kris river at Champuan (meeting of 3 rivers) to wash her clothes when she was living at her familys home just a short distance away. There is also a very sacred bathing and a meditation chamber where the ancient Hindu king came to pray! If you require Airport or Hotel pick-up service, email your flight time of arrival and aircraft carrier's name, or hotel name, room number if available and phone number and we will come and meet you. Wayan will be the one with the big smile on his face and your names on a paper. Please have Airport Pick-up Fee (350,000IDR) available in Indonesian currency to give to Wayan upon your arrival. We wish you a wonderful experience in the REAL BALI and look forward to learning more of what you would like to do and see during your time here in Bali. Your Guest Services team, Wayan, Putri, and Suzan

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