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Minimum Stay None
Per Month $ 800








Regular family - work, eat, play

Whole unit
Shared bath
Mixed household


We are a family of four (well, six but two have moved out), living in a four bedroom house with two bathrooms. We are about 37 miles from NYC; it's straight run on Route 80. We are also near the train line that goes to NYC, but it isn't walking distance. There are plenty of taxis and we have three cars and three drivers and love taking people around when we aren't working. We have a large kitchen, and separate dining room, but we often eat in the kitchen and have laptops open on the dining room table. We aren't very formal! We have a large living room, as well as an unfinished TV/laundry room in the basement. Bedrooms are not very large, but they are adequate. We have two full bathrooms. The bedroom now (2018) has one twin bed and a junior twin. It's actually best for single people, rather than couples. There is a lake about 10 miles away with a beach which is open in summer for swimming. I'm a full-time public school teacher, and part-time adjunct at a community college, certified with a masters degree in teaching English as a Second Language. I also speak Spanish, French, and some basic German. My husband drives a cement mixer. My two daughters are 23 and 21. We also have two cats who fight regularly. I've lived in Switzerland, and I have hosted guests and students from Switzerland, France, Finland, Germany, and various South American countries. Last summer I coordinated a tour group with Club Eductour in Nice, France. Fun times! ** NOTE ** My husband is not comfortable with adult single men staying with us, as we have daughters. My apologies, but we cannot accept requests from adult single men.

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