Roommate wanted in Rockville Maryland
I'm looking for a roommate for the second bedroom of my apartment. This is going to get detailed, so I figure I'll start with what I'm looking for in a roommate, so I can waste as little of your time if you don't think you fit the fairly encompassing bill. Any gender on the spectrum, any religion, race, sexuality, whatever. Really, as long as we get along and you're able to pay the rent, I'm sure we'll be good. I like to be friends with my roommates. This can mean anything from Mario Kart competition to bar hopping to just hanging out and talking about the day. Of course, bonus points if you like my dog. You'd be responsible for half the rent, so $819 a month. I've got a spreadsheet for the cost of utilities in the past six or seven months, so you can get an idea of what that'd look like. I live at 5517 Alderbrook Court, apartment 102 in Rockville, part of the Halpine View apartment complex. We're a ten minute walk from the Twinbrook metro station on the red line, which is ~30-45 minutes from DC. The apartment complex is large and features a responsive management and maintenance staff, a swimming pool, playgrounds for children, and a number of fields. Laundry devices are inside the building, directly downstairs. They are 1.75 for the wash and 1.50 for the dryer, paid through a card we've been given that you preload through one of several machines around Halpine View. There are several parking lots competing for closest to the door and there is always parking available. Each of these has a large trash bin and some recycling bins as well. The apartment is a bit over 800 sq ft with a lot of closet space. I mostly use it for storage, so there is plenty of space still available in the closets. The shower heats up immediately in the fall/spring/summer and pretty quickly in the winter. We have a dishwasher and gas stove/oven. There is a balcony that is wide enough for 4 or so people to comfortably stand/sit. It's a great place to relax and look out from. There is central air conditioning/heating, too. We have Comcast internet (monopolies..) and it's fast enough to take care of all of my internet needs without complaint. I recently upgraded the router, so things are pretty solid there. The bedroom offered is about 12x10' with plenty of natural light in the morning through evening. It's got a nice closet that is about 2.5' deep, 5' wide, and 7' tall. It has a shelf around 5 feet up for bonus storage. Otherwise, the room is a standard rectangular room that gets the job done as far as bedrooms go. The rest of the apartment (minus my room) is shared space and consists of a living room at entry that is open to both a dining room and den on opposite sides. The den is currently used as a workspace by my current roommate, so that is open to become anything. The kitchen is small, but complete, and with enough counter space to get by. See pictures for a better view. Pets: Dogs: I have a pretty big dog - he's delightful, but doesn't necessarily get along with other dogs. There's a weight (50 lbs) and breed (the standard big/"aggressive" breeds) restriction, but these are a little flexible. You are not expected to take care of my dog in any way. He doesn't make much noise, rarely barks, generally just wants affection and long walks through town. He sleeps most of the time, taking breaks to wander to another part of the apartment and sleep there. I would trust him to be gentle with my toddler niece. Super chill. He does shed a lot once spring hits, but consistent vacuuming solves that. Again, my responsibility, not yours. Cats: My current roommate has a cat. The cat is a bit of a jerk, but she and my dog get along. My dog does not antagonize cats at all. I'm somewhat allergic, but this seems to have gone away in the past few years. So, it's cool if you have a pet, but we're going to want to introduce yours to mine before any decision is made. Honestly, I'd love it if my dog could get along with another one, so they could entertain one another while I'm at work. Which brings me to me. I'm 26, a bioinformatician (computer-based biologist) for a local nonprofit, I'm white, agnostic (if those matter to you), left-leaning (I like to say "progressive"), and fairly easy-going. I like games of most kinds - board, word, video, bar, sport, whatever. I read a lot, intermittently. I like going to bars and wish I could afford to be a regular somewhere. I think I'm funny, reasonably intelligent, and of eclectic interests - if that doesn't sound too pretentious. I expect to be living here for the next few years, at least. I hate moving, so I'd like to avoid it, and this place has been comfortable. I'll gladly help you move in, though.
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