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Rural Japan Experience in Izu

Whole unit
Shared bath
Mixed household


[General] The house is in Izu Peninusla, of Shizuoka Japan. It is about a 3 hour train ride from Tokyo. Once a volcanic island on the pacific that collided with main land Honshu, the Izu Peninsula geo park has many wonders for travelers to enjoy and see. The local cultures are also well preserved, with many traditional arts and cultural activities to do as well as occasional festivities. (i.e. seasonal festivals at different villages, morning market on weekends, etc.) As the house is language school/share office for travellers. Modern style refurbishment done on a Japanese style architecture, and there will be occasional guest coming in for English tutoring and other business meetings (Don't worry! not a whole lot) Wifi is available throughout the building with air conditioners in each room. [Perks and optional activties] 1) Free of charge! We occasionally have in-house English classes for the locals, and I also plan to facilitate more in nearby facilities. You are free to come observe, or even join the lessons for some culture exchange experience. 2) I teach Japanese Online, and as originally been born in the U.S., I am good at assisting people from latin language countries to learn essential phrases, and especially basic manners. If you're interested I can help you pick up some essential phrases (and some mannerisms.) The house is also home to an organization project called "The Other House" which it's main objective is to explore/excavate/develop new local activities in the area. We can give you information about interesting activities most foreign travellers have not done in the area. [Rules, guidelines, atmospheres] Kitchens are free for you to use, but you are welcomed to join me for dinner when I am cooking at home. We also have occasional gyoza cooking parties with the residents. [Disclaimer] - bikes are not in the best condition - Laundry is temporary broken (as of March 2018) - By Japanese regulations, I can not serve you breakfast. Thank you for understanding. Hope to see you soon!

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