Minimum Stay None
Per Month $540

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São Paulo is here! The best place!

Whole unit
Private bath
Mixed household


I live in an apartment with 100 m2 in the southern region of São Paulo with easy access to other places by bus. In front of the apartment there is a small and charming market town with grocery, cellar, shop and restaurants. Across the street there is a great restaurant / brewery. There are 80 m there is a bakery, a gas station, a clothing store and a laundry room, plus hairdressers and gyms and a keychain. The neighborhood has many trees and is relatively quiet streets for a city as busy as São Paulo have two cats that roam all over the house and are friendly. Much of the night I'm in the living room watching Netflix movies, reading or using my laptop. Do evening snacks. I go out on weekends to visit family, go to the mall, bookstore or cinema. Also go to museums. I have a cleaning lady who comes to clean the house once a week. Have had an exchange student living here for 5 months.~ I work every day of the week, leaving home around 10 am and return at 09 hours of night.

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