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The Best Garden in Tehran

Whole unit
Private bath
Mixed household


this great old mansion is located in Fereshteh St. in the north part of Tehran which is 2 min away from Parkway intersection. Fereshteh St. is the most high end residential area in Tehran and it is known for the most expensive and high prestige area. ppl usually come to this area to enjoy the variety of cafés and restaurant; as there are many gardens, houses and embassies in this area, you will not feel the air pollution comparing to the other part of the city. thanks to the great location of this house, the Parkway terminal bus stop and terminal taxi stations are 3 and 4 min away. so it will ease your travel to the other part of the city. Vali-Asr Bus station is just 2 min away. you can walk to the international exhibition within 20min which is faster than riding a taxi( considering the heavy traffic at the time of the exhibition shows); Tajrish sq. is less than 15 min away by bus( considering the slow traffic) and Mellat park is just 8 min away by bus. Isteghlal International Hotel is 10 min walking distance away. accessing to Modares highway and chamran highway would not take more than 2 min. supermarket, Drugstore, health Clinique and gym are just a step away. you could walk to fast foods, Italian restaurant, Persian food and steakhouse within 5 min. from the airport, you can get to the Imam Khomeini subway station and get off at the very last station which is Tajrish Station. from Tajrish Station you may get the Vali-ASR bus and it gives you a ride to Parkway station. then you can walk to Fereshteh St. travel in Fereshteh St. for 2 min and you will find a mosque, its right in front of the mosque, No.12. however, the most convenient way is to take airport taxies, the price is reasonable and much faster this is an 800M house from 1960, the architecting of this old house is marvelously unique. it has 4 bedrooms in which 2 of them is occupied by myself and the other 2 rooms are available. you may choose to have your privet bathroom and washroom( which in this case I will not rent the other room ) the house and the furniture are very simple so it makes the guest very calm and comfortable. each room comes with 2 single bed and with little extra charge you may upgrade your room with the 3rd bed. heath Clinique, pharmacy, gym, café, super marker, mosque and bookshop are just a step away from this house. steakhouse, Persian restaurant and Italian restaurants are less than 3 min walking as well as the prestigious Sam Center Mall. you may get to Grand Bazaar by privet taxi ( up to 4 person ) for as low as USD 3.00 from this house or you may walk to terminal bus stop and travel to the most major locations of the city . The Old House Garden would offers accessible accommodation for elderly and disabled guests at absolutely no additional coasts upon your request

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