Minimum Stay None
Per Month $792








Traditional Family

Whole unit
Private bath
Mixed household


We live in the south of mexico city, close to a park "Deer Park" i The house has 3 floors, in a nice and central ubication, with many public transport. We live in the house just 2 persons, Leticia (me) and my daughter Diana, I'm a lawyer and my daughter is a language student, she speaks Inglés, Spanish and French. We respect your privacy, Also we are very easy going and open mind. We have no Problem with schedules We are pet lovers, (We have a cat and a dog) the dog is a pit bull and bulldog mix Between, she's very nice and social. If you have questions I'll answer ASAP Hope you find my home comfortable, I will try to make you feel at home. .................................................. ................................... We live in the south central area of ​​Mexico City, three blocks from a park and the delegation Benito Juárez. The house has a ground floor, 2 floors, patio and roof, the house is very well located with many nearby public transportation. Mother and daughter now live, Leticia (mother), is a lawyer and Diana, a student of languages. We respect the privacy of individuals. We have no problems with schedules. We are animal lovers, we have a dog and a cat (get along very well and are very polite) the dog is a pit bull and bulldog mix, is not aggressive and is very affectionate. If you have any questions let me know and I'll try to answer it as quickly as possible. I hope to find my very comfortable house, try to make you feel at home.


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