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Welcome to our home. We who live here are my two children Maximilian and Alexander and our wee dog Bella a small King Charles Cavalier and of course me Jessica. We live in the West End / Dean area of Edinburgh,10 min walk from the west end of Princess Street ( House of Fraser) I am native Swedish and my boys are bilingual. I also speak Danish and French but having lived here now for 20 years English is almost as much of a mother tongue as Swedish is. Should you choose to stay with us,you would most likely be staying in our Guesthouse in the back garden which is very private and quiet. It has WiFi, underfloor heating ,a single bed armchair ,it has a kettle ,coffee and tea,soy milk and reg coffee milk , some biscuits, a croissant and soup is refilled if wanted each morning .That is the only breakfast l supply, if you wish more feel free to buy and store 2-3 things in my fridge. The bathroom ( showers only as only have one bathroom) and toilet is in the main house and can only be accessed during ,my, waking hours and when I am around,which is most of the days seeing as I work from home. There is also a portaloo under the bed in the guesthouse for emergencies which I deal with myself should the need arise. I am very good at communicating my coming and goings ,so there is almost always a way to access the main house one way or another. You will not have a key to the main house only to the back gate and your private dwelling. Weekends there is no access to the bathroom before 7.30am, unless previously arranged or staying in the main house . NEVER EVER access to shower after 8.30pm ( toilet of course,for as long as I am awake,am up until 10.30/11pm most days) but my kids go to bed at 8.30 pm and the pipes that are in their bedroom makes a lot of noise ,or before 7 am any day of the week! Weekdays bathroom morning access is 7-7.30 or after 10.30 as do school drop offs and gym straight after, but can be flexible as do not go everyday of the week. No guests of guests ,in the Guest house after 8.30 pm and none before 8.30 am .This as l have neighbours close by and need to be respectful of coming and goings. I AM very flexible though, communication is everything! MAIN HOUSE BEDROOM Should you be staying in the main house for over 8 days+ (regarding use of fridge and microwave we can have a chat for usage) but I would prefer no cooking or general use of the private rooms of the house. Upstairs is off limits, as is the family lounge and kitchen/dining room to work from. Kitchen is only available to use for eating . The bedroom is very big indeed and has TV ,kettle,coffee,tea biscuits and croissants ( note this IS the light breakfast included) and a large desk to work from. It does have dvd's and children's paraphernalia which will remain on the shelves,but the desk will be cleared so you can work from there should you so wish. The wardrobe is full of their games etc and I will put in a clothes rail for you to use during your stay,should you so wish-just ask, so you can hang all your items up should you so wish. The bed is a super king and very comfortable. No guests of guests in house at any point please.House just isn’t big enough for guests of guests as well. GENERAL I would ask for full payment upfront and in cash £ sterling is only currency accepted please or with paypal as family and friends. If the room is booked for one,then no sleep over guests are allowed, should this be the case I will ask you to leave immediately ,as you have broken the house rules . I do not take any responsibility if you have an accident in my home, or on my property as a whole ,you enter my property at your own risk and by paying me for the stay you acknowledge you have accepted these terms. Washing and drying can be done for an extra fee of £6/wash and I do it for you.Payment in advance is to be preferred please. For an extra bed added to either double bedroom, there will be an additional £15/ night charge. I have one extra parking space and it is first come ,first serve basis ,in booking this ( not arriving). I can cancel our agreement at any time, if you do not follow the house rules (this includes smoking on the property) and will not be liable to pay you back for your stay! I hope you can see through the seemingly harsh rules and see what is a lovely home and as a host l just need to safe guard myself from any misunderstandings before they happen. You will be living in my most loved home after all and as such are very warm welcomed ☀️ Jessica x
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