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Welcome to our home cafe-cinema

Whole unit
Shared bath
Mixed household


Listen to live music,Watch movie in a Cinema-like house,And enjoy the real taste of Iranian food ;-) Me&my husband are artists&most of the time we're working on our musics&movie projects at home,so we have flexible schedule to host people and spend time with them,if they like.of course we enjoy to spend our time with our guests,specially if it causes to leave some artistic projects behind like a music track or cute photos&etc...we also can make a movie of our guests travel if they want.we've worked in tourism category since years ago and made various movies about that and we have suitable information in this case.we can reserve cheep tickets for your flights and help you in some similiar cases during your voyage, connect you to some desert or nature tours.we have some close friends who are tour leaders specially if you wanna go to Yazd Or Kashan tours.and also we can take you to our ski place(Dizzin Hostel)in wniter time. my husband is from Shiraz,so we could handle your affairs if you wanna travel to beautiful Shiraz.and important issue about me is,I'm from the north of Iran which is the country's culinary pole!my pleasure is cooking and eating delicious foods with my handmade drinks accompaning our friends.I'm a gutty girl but I've been vegeterian,vegan,even raw vegan in periods of my life,so I have the ability to cook in different models and diets.our home is a peaceful environment with pleasures I think. you can listen to our live east and west musics,watch movies in our cinema-like living room and taste my Iranian cuisine. our place is near to Mehrabad air port if you wanna have interior flight to other cities,and we are also near to Azadi Terminal(Tehran-west Terminal) for those who wanna travel to other cities by bus. it takes 5minutes by walk to BRT(express bus) and you can easily walk to another bus stop and there are lots of bus options using this stop which takes even less than 5 minutes by walk...the subway station is nearly close too.and also we can take for you Snap cars(Iranian Uber) which is a cheep way in Iran for going anywhere. you need just 5 minutes to walk to grocery store and bakery,too.also there is a supermarket beside the home and there are many various nuts and sweet shops and restaurants(include east and west foods) next to the house,however I don't think you gonna need them untill I'm here :D (Kidding) ;-) we have airport transfer for our guests and we could give you a driver for sightseeing tour on extra charge. *** as you know,artists don't have rigid rules in their lifestyles so don't worry about your commute hours or sleeping&eating times,we only wanna observe cleanliness.Please don't drop toilet paper inside of toilet bowl ,pets entry is forbidden, and its better not to make too much noise after midnight.if you want the key we thank you for giving us your passport. *** PS:as Rial rates everyday change,please pay us in Dollar or Euro due to fluctuation of Rials make misunderstanding especially for foreigners.

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