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Our wonderful brand new pool villa house is close to Sungsan, Jongdal, Hado and Saehwa which are all famous for stunning view and fresh nature. From Hado beach, you will find U-do on the right side (east) and our houses on the left side(west). It has perfect view over beach and close to many restaurants, places to go and fun to do. I wish every single guest who visit our accommodation may enjoy his/her day as it is a true holiday! Room Layout Couple & Suite : 1 x Room (Single bed x 1, Double bed x 1), 1 x Kitchen, 1 x bath room Family : 2 x Rooms (Single bed x 2, Double bed x 2) 2 x Kitchen, 1 x bath room Room Amenities Living and Stay: TV, Wifi, Terrace Pool (For houses, not for trailer/ May not available according to season), Sofa Kitchen: Refrigerator, electronic kettle, Kitchen utensils, Dish and cups, Induction, Microwave oven, Bath Room: Shower booths, Towel, Body shampoo, Shampoo, Bidet (Houses only, Not for trailer) , Hair dryer, Tooth paste, Major tourism spots Hado Beach: With shallow deep and weak wave, it is perfect for family and perfect to enjoy kayak, skin scuba, paddle boat. You may also find out many sea lifes and as it has less tourists, you will find good quality of water and clean places. You may also enjoy sea fishing and camping and number of couples take their wedding picture here. Saehwa beach: Following Jeju olle course 20, you will find small beach near Saehwa 5day traditional market and Haenyeo (Female diver, they are mysterious divers who even US Army could not find its reason for long time diving and depth endurance) museum. This is not an official beach under control or promotion. Thus, you will find untouched nature and its natural beauty which is combination between white sends, black rocks and emerald colour ocean. Hayneo Museum: Has more then thousands of history, Hayneo(Female diver) was main piece for abalone hunting and sea food collect. They are the symbol of strong Jeju female and even US army could not find out the reason for their long diving timing (more then 2mins), and endurance for diving depth. In this museum, you will find Hayneos old life style and Jejus traditional life and many of collections are from actual female divers Walljeong-ri beach: Old town Walljeong-ri mean place where the moon stay. As its name, it has wonderful view and its beach is even more beautiful. This is also a perfect place for family due to its shallow depth and weak wave. Note -No Smoking in the house at all time. Even if you have checked out, we may charge you for smoking if we find any smell or evidence of smoking. -Only pre-booked number of people may stay at the house. No un noted additional guest or visitors are allowed. -Under age guests must accompany with adult supervisor. We may refuse check in or ask for immediate check out without pre-notice if there is no adult supervisor. -We are putting minimum rule for house use. Any break of above rules may result immediate check out without any refund. We would like to you understanding as this is for guests comfort. , , , . . . : x 1 ( x1 x1) , x1, x1 : x2 (x2 x2, 2), x2 x1 Living and Stay: TV, Wifi, Pool ( , ), , Kitchen: , , , , , , Bath Room: , , , , , ( ), , , : , , , . . , . : 20 . . . : , , , . . , , , . : . . . - . - . . - . - . - . . - . , . - .

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